It’s a Candidate’s Market: What this means for jobseekers

It’s a Candidate’s Market: What this means for jobseekers

People the world over have been changed by the global pandemic.  It’s left many employees reconsidering how and why they work with a focus on meaningful work that allows for a better work/life balance and increased flexibility.

Chances are, you’ve probably heard the term ‘the great resignation’ mentioned in industry circles.  It relates to an expected increase in employees leaving work to seek fulfilment, having experienced how easy it is to work from home and reduce the daily commute and office grind.

Many employees, faced with the prospect of returning to work in a capacity that doesn’t suit them, are instead opting to leave their jobs.  Many jobseekers are facing the prospect of looking for work in the candidate’s market.  

Firstly, what does a candidate’s market mean and how could it benefit people who are already looking for work?  

A candidate’s market is essentially where there are more job vacancies available than there are candidates looking for work.  This is due in part to candidates considering their futures but also due to the impact the pandemic has had on immigration.  With less skilled workers moving across countries for work, the candidate pool has decreased.  Australia’s unemployment rate is currently 4.6%.  If you are looking for work, what are the best ways to maximise your job seeking opportunities?

  1.  Be choosy

Think long-term about your Career and reduce your job search to those organisations that will enable you to grow into your next role and beyond.  Get a good understanding of company values and training and development opportunities.  Understand where you really want to work – those ‘dream’ companies, and start researching them.  Some ways to do this are:

  • Set up Google alerts to receive news and updates about your target companies
  • Check the newsfeed on LinkedIn or their blog to understand what they are focused on

Not only will this information help you uncover your target companies, this information will also help you during the interview process.

  1.  Make yourself stand out

With such a small recruitment pool, it’s easier to standout in comparison to the other candidates.  Create a compelling career story that will engage potential recruiters – some call this a unique value proposition.  It’s also important to ensure you research the company well and understand how your unique skills and experience can add value to the company and their growth strategy as well as the industry in which they compete – not all companies have the same strengths and challenges.

  1. Partner with a Recruitment Agency

Flexi has so many wonderful jobs available for candidates so make yourself known to us. We are always looking for skilled candidates who are looking to advance their career or change jobs. Speak to one of our consultants who can assist you to stand out from other candidates.

If you are looking for work and you’d like to gain some advice on the process, reach out to the Recruitment team at Flexi Personnel.