Recruitment Management Consultants

Flexi Personnel has refined candidate attraction methods for over 20 years.

Unlike other recruitment agencies, we combine traditional recruitment management methods with non-traditional recruitment methods in order to create a diverse candidate pool which offers a wealth of talent.

We work with our clients to develop a comprehensive understanding of their objectives and preferences. It is only then that we can offer a recruitment solution that matches specific requirements. Flexi Personnel uses a recruitment management system (RMS) software as the basis for our recruitment process.


Our Recruitment Management process includes:

  • Sourcing
  • Screening
  • Interview and testing (face-to-face for every candidate)
  • OH&S induction and testing (candidate is provided with a booklet outlining all the necessary health and safety information)
  • OH&S induction is conducted every 12 months
  • Reference checks (at least two per candidate)
  • Placing candidates in appropriate positions (Before we send a candidate to your site, we do a Workplace Assessment that is designed to ensure that we recognise and acknowledge any risks)
  • Continued communication and feedback from client and candidates
  • Regular meetings to ensure that the position is appropriate and to rectify any issues

We encourage candidates to approach us with concerns, and our face-to-face interviews provide an excellent means to gather feedback. We also have a feedback form available on our website. Flexi Personnel continually take feedback into account to improve our service. Candidates are also provided with a quarterly newsletter containing information on taxation, superannuation, reminders about health and safety, and changes in OH&S laws

Recruitment Process


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