How to find the best talent in a competitive market

How to find the best talent in a competitive market

Australia is experiencing the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years.  Currently the unemployment rate is 3.5% and with more jobs than people, attracting the best talent is challenging. Therefore, employers need to ensure they are putting their best foot forward when recruiting.  Surprisingly, many job ads don’t contain enough information – 64% of candidates search for more information before applying.   If they don’t find it, 37% of candidates move to the next job.  It’s important that your job ads and your candidate attraction strategies include not only enough information, but the right information.

So what are the best strategies to attract top talent?

  1.  Better understand your ideal candidates

Some people call this ‘Candidate Persona’ or ‘Avatars’ but essentially it’s delving into the persona’s for some of your key roles – normally these are either niche roles or urgent to fill.  Typically, what type of age range are these roles?  What attracts candidates to work for a company and how are they best contacted?  How do they consume media?  What are their hot buttons?  

  1.   Create a strong Employer Brand that resonates with candidates

Post COVID pandemic, candidates are looking for roles that resonate with their personal values.  To attract candidates, focus on articulating your Employer Brand.  To commence this process, it’s often recommended to speak with existing and new employees about what attracted them to the business to begin with.  What do they like about working here?  

  1.  Develop a strong Careers Site

Make it easy for candidates to understand more about your culture and benefits by creating a Careers Site that houses all the important information candidates are looking for before they apply.  Let’s face it: you may have an exciting growth agenda, a great Flex culture and a rock solid DEI strategy – but how is anyone going to know about it unless you promote it?  The pieces of information that :

  • Values, Perks & Benefits
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • How candidates will find meaning or purpose at your company
  • Work-life balance and flexibility
  • Employee and Client Testimonials
  • Employee Stories, including videos and images
  1.  Create an Employee Referral program

Your current employees are a great place to start when it comes to attracting talent.  They are often brand advocates who can articulate your Employer Brand and communicate with their networks as to why they would want to work for your company.  To accelerate the process, you can also provide incentives for successful hires: a sign on bonus and another payment based on completion of a successful probation.

Like to understand how to better attract top candidates?  Speak to the Recruitment team at Flexi Personnel.