How to master key management skills

How to master key management skills

If you are wanting to increase your management skill-set, there are a range of management skills that you can master. Terry H. Hill in his article: ’12 business skills you need to master’, published in states that there are a range of management skills that you can develop to support your business reaching its goals. Today we’re looking at how to improve your team building and sales and marketing skills:

  • Team Building Skills

If you think teamwork simply requires everyone committing to working together, think again. According to Rosalind Cardinal in her article: ‘5 steps to building an effective Team’, the benefits of teamwork are immense. Studies have shown that effective teams will mostly always outperform people working individually. However, building an effective team requires input from Managers for groups to work effectively. It’s important for Managers to develop trust from their team and to develop relationships with them, best achieved by being honest and transparent in their dealings with them. Not only this, but it’s important for employees to develop relationships with each other. One way to do this is to take steps to improve communication, trust and cooperation, says Cardinal.

  • Sales and Marketing Skills

Marketing is a strategy and a series of activities aimed at ‘priming’ and attracting your target customer or group of customers. Sales is the art of understanding how your product or service can alleviate a ‘pain point’ for a customer or help them grow their business. One way to improve your skills in these areas is to truly understand who these groups of customers are. Once you understand key information about them, both your marketing and your sales efforts can be tailored to them. Things to consider are:

    • Demographics

What is their average age, income, where do they live and how do they spend their disposable income?

    • Psychographics

Why do people normally buy your product/service? What is their attitude to it? What are their aspirations?

    • User-based

How do people normally use your product or service? You will find that people tend to use it differently, which should provide insight into how to best sell and market to them.

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