The top five ways to show appreciation to your employees

The top five ways to show appreciation to your employees

Making employees feel acknowledged and appreciated is key to them getting the most out of their career.  Other benefits include increased work output and tenure.

Survey results show that 40% of employees feel that the recognition they receive at work is an empty gesture.  So what are the best ways to show appreciation of your employees that resonate with them the best?  Firstly – ask them.  Seeking recommendations from employees is key as it reveals what they value in a workplace, according to HR Bartender.

This information can be used to develop your decision making and understand the priorities of your employees.

Say ‘thank you’

Make it part of your company culture that employees are acknowledged daily for doing their job well, not just by reaching ‘big wins’ for the business.  Encouraging your employees to thank each other and for this to come from the top down is a simple and effective first step for showing appreciation to your employees.

Build a culture around celebrating small wins

Quite often it’s the big wins that are the focus of a business and are celebrated.  By shifting this mindset and focusing on the small gains, firstly, there’s more to celebrate but also, employees will take on a bigger role with celebrating the success of others.

Make it personal

A personalised gift and handwritten note are excellent ways for employees to feel appreciated and acknowledged as the note highlights why the employee is being acknowledged and why they are valued.

Create an employee recognition program

Task employees with creating an employee recognition program that works for them.  This might include verbal recognition or formal rewards and incentives.

Give them more responsibility

Be careful with this one as it only works for a certain type of employee.  In larger, more complex organisations, stretch opportunities and increased opportunities enable ambitious employees to rise to the challenge and ‘prove themselves’. McKinsey and Co. is one company who frequently uses this strategy for employee recognition.  By giving their employees leadership roles on special projects, they feel an increased sense of accomplishment as they are responsible for coming up with solutions for the project.

If you would like support with developing employee appreciation strategies for your business, speak to the HR Consulting team at Flexi Personnel.