Recruitment Consultant Vs D.I.Y. Recruitment

Recruitment Consultant Vs D.I.Y. Recruitment

Do you need a recruitment consultant or is D.I.Y. Recruitment a realistic option for your business? Will Do-It-Yourself recruitment save you money or cost you money and time?

Regardless of which method you choose, before you even start your recruitment process you need to:
  • Know yourself, what you want, and don’t want
  • Know your company culture and values
  • Know your company strengths
  • Set realistic expectations for the market conditions
  • Have a solid recruitment process

You can read about the importance of the above in our “Starting Your Recruitment Process” blog.
Does your team have the expertise required to complete the recruitment process? A survey by The Australian in 2013 paints a horrifying picture

…bad hire will cost you two and a half times the employee’s salary, a figure which goes up even more for high level positions. To put that in perspective, if you pay a new employee $70,000 a year and they turn out to be a bad fit for the role, you could find yourself out of pocket by $175,000.

As recruitment consultants who specialise in RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing we are obviously biased, so we have put together a number of considerations to allow you to make the right decision for yourself and your organisation.

You will need to consider direct and indirect costs of recruitment so as to compare the costs of hiring a recruitment consultant against those that you will incur when you go the D.I.Y. recruitment route.

Before we delve into the more obvious direct costs of recruitment, let’s take a look at the “hidden costs” that can add up to thousands of dollars:
  • What resources do I need to handle applicant enquiries?
  • What are the time lines to fill the position?
  • How will you handle the extra work load?
  • How will other staff handle the extra work load during the recruitment process?
  • What impact will this have on company’s customers?
  • What is the contingency plan if we do not find someone within required time lines?

Outsourcing your recruitment needs can in many cases lower your cost per hire and add business value.

The benefits of dealing with a professional Recruitment Consultant include:
  1. Faster hire rates
  2. Convenience
  3. Structured process
  4. Flexibility

For an average role the whole recruitment process could take us between 15- 25 hrs over 2-3 weeks period. How much time would you be spending? Are you confident in the end result?

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DIY recruitment

RPO by professional Recruitment Consultant

Write a Job Ad

How long will it take you? Legal requirements to be aware of Professionally written ad legally compliant 1 hr

Online advertising

How much does it cost you to put 1 ad on Seek? Do you know the best classifications and platforms? Bulk discount pricing onlineAccess to online and social media platforms Charged at cost plus 15 min to post your ad

Screening through the resumes

Do you have time to screen through hundreds of resumes? Are your Selection criteria too broad or subjective? Appropriate use of technology to screen through volumes of resumes to find your best match Dependent on the volume of resumes

Phone Interview

Have you got the script for the phone interview?Do you know how to get all the answers in the short amount of time? Professionally written phone-screening guides with all the answers recorded for further analysis 1-4hrs

Face to Face Interview

Do you know all the right behavioural questions to get a good understanding of your candidate’s personality? Thorough assessment of each candidate after comprehensive interview 2-4 hrs
Reference checking Do you know how to dig deeper when you are doing a reference check? Final assessment with professional recommendations 15 min