How to build a more inclusive workplace

How to build a more inclusive workplace

There are a range of reasons why it’s important to build a more inclusive and diverse workplace.  For a start, employees are happier and more productive when they have a sense of belonging at work.  Employees are more likely to feel that they belong when they feel seen and heard in their workplace.  This extends to different groups that are marginalised according to their race, sexuality, gender and disability.  Studies have shown that inclusive and diverse workplaces are more productive, innovative and often more profitable.

So what are the steps that businesses need to implement in order to develop a more inclusive workplace?  It can include anything from laying out a Diversity strategy in your business to formal policies and practices to implementing recruitment technology that supports your Diversity, Equality & Inclusion ethos.  From a leadership perspective, developing D,E &I Champions and Allies in the business and ensuring that D,E&I is on the agenda can all be positive strategies to building a more inclusive workplace.

Kazoo HR’s have a range of tips for building a more inclusive workplace in 2022.  These include:

  • Getting buy-in from leadership
  • Integrating inclusivity into the core values of your business
  • Emphasizing inclusivity in diversity training
  • Providing a forum for introverts to shine
  • Creating an inclusive workforce

From an employee perspective, it’s important that employees:

  • Call out inappropriate behaviour
  • Listen and ask questions
  • Create forums for discussion
  • Are advocates for the change they want to see

Other areas to consider to support all employees, regardless of race, gender or disability include practices and observations that help support your D,E& I strategy.  Some recommendations from Services Australia include:

  • Providing flexible working arrangements, including hybrid or remote working
  • Provide training for staff that includes Indigenous Cultural Awareness, Disability Awareness and Mental Health Awareness
  • Support women in the workplace by providing breastfeeding friendly spaces
  • Support LGBTI+ staff with inclusive policies
  • Ensure your workplace calendar echoes your policies, such as recognising Pride Month.

The Victorian Government has a range of tools and resources to help businesses make their workplace more inclusive and improve employee engagement, innovation and profits.   The tools include inclusive language guides and workforce inclusion plans.  

If your business requires support developing D,E&I policies and processes in your business, speak to the HR Consulting team at Flexi Personnel.