How to create your sphere of influence at work and get promoted

How to create your sphere of influence at work and get promoted

Corporate life in the 21st Century is often about trying to do more with less. With restricted budgets and businesses ‘trimming the fat’ from their margins by downsizing teams, getting promoted is often about building recognition and respect within a company.  If you want to get promoted, there are more savvy ways to do it rather than by ‘blowing your own trumpet.’

Being able to influence others and have them invested in your success is an effective way to build recognition far and wide within a company without feeling like you are constantly seeking such recognition and praise yourself. Glen Llopis, writing for Forbes magazine, in his article: ‘6 ways to immediately get noticed at work without self-promotion’ has some recommendations on how best to do this:

  • Be a silent influencer

Llopis writes that most employees fall into two categories: the loud disenfranchised group and the silent influencers. So who are the silent influencers? They are the ones who have a quiet confidence and don’t let the loud disenfranchised group get in their way when they want their voice heard. They are often the ones who are sought out for their input and get asked to contribute to projects.

  • Go above and beyond

When you see the business through a wide-angle lens, the scope of your role becomes larger as you see more opportunities for delivering results. Working cross-functionally, understanding how your work contributes to the success of other teams and working to help others’ achieve their goals are other examples of how your circle of influence at work can increase and benefit you long-term.

  • Don’t get involved with office politics

No-one wants to align themselves with the office gossip. Llopis adds that the focus should be on growth and results, not on the politics within an organisation. He also advises to steer clear of negative conversations to avoid being connected to others who are deemed not a positive influence in the company.

  • Understand the power, the rules and the culture of your organisation

Bonnie Marcus in her article for Business Insider,Talent and hard work aren’t enough — here’s what it really takes to get ahead in your career’, stresses the importance of understanding the sphere of power at your company and how decisions are made. It’s also important to consider which people impact your division and your role, including who will help or hinder your likelihood to be promoted. With regards to culture, it’s important to understand if it’s ‘every man for himself’ or if the culture is more supportive. Understanding these elements of the organisation are also important to consider as to whether you are likely to just survive or thrive in the business culture. Additionally, every organisation has unwritten rules which dictate standards of behaviour. There might also be different rules for different people in different departments.

Other methods to help you build your career are career coaching or finding a mentor either inside or outside the business to help you navigate your career.

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