How digital recruitment gets you more and better candidates

Digital recruiting is changing the way that employers connect with potential employees for the better. And the use of digital recruitment will only continue to grow, according to John Bersin, founder of Bersin by Deloitte. Digitisation will make recruitment more effective, expanding the reach of recruitment agents and improving their ability to accurately judge a candidate. 

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A more sophisticated way of assessing employees

The most significant benefit of digital recruitment management is that it can actually be a better way of evaluating employees than the traditional ways. No longer are recruitment agencies so reliant on the words on a person's resume; now, recruitment officers can measure the candidate's competency using more objective indicators.

How digital recruitment is putting businesses in touch with the very best candidates.Digital recruitment is putting businesses in touch with the very best candidates.

McKinsey and Company stated that Catalyst DevWorks found there was no statistically significant correlation between a university degree and a candidate's performance. Algorithms that measure skills in real time and evaluate their IT knowledge proved to be more accurate measures of competency, so the organisation now uses digital recruitment regardless of the previous education the candidate may have.

In this way, digitised recruiting techniques enhance our candidate selection methods so we are better able to identify the candidates with the best skills rather than looking at who has the most prestigious degrees. 

Digital recruitment casts a wider net for potential employees

Not only does digital recruiting match employers with better employees, but it also gives them more opportunities to get in touch with them. 

Companies use digital recruitment to set themselves apart from the competition.

According to Harvard Business Review, Snapchat has used geofilters to vie for the very best employees from other successful startups. The geofilters are available for people near, for example, Uber's headquarters with funny visuals and links to Snapchat's job page. Although it is very direct and unabashed in its attempt to steal competitors' employees, the digital recruitment method is a clever way to market to eligible candidates. 

LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are great mediums for finding candidates, and the leg-up that social media can give employers shouldn't be underestimated. A recruiting firm's mastery over social media can market the company in a way that attracts passive candidates and creates a more enticing employer brand. 

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