Why it pays for your workers to be happy at work

Why it pays for your workers to be happy at work

There are tons of articles on the benefits of having an engaged workforce – higher staff retainment, lower rates of absenteeism and greater levels of productivity. But what are the benefits of increased levels of being happy at work? A clever infographic by newtohr.com portrays the benefits of happiness at work for both the individual and the business:

  • 12% increased productivity
  • 10 times few sick days than unhappy employees
  • 57% of workers have increased happiness at work if they work with close friends
  • 20% more satisfied if employees see their job as a ‘career’.

Additionally, it’s been found that happiness inspires creativity in the workplace – lending itself to more innovative thinking. Happy employees are more likely to feel comfortable taking risks and trying new strategies. Generally speaking, happy employees support one another and happiness often has a contagious effect – increasing the amount of happy people within a workplace.

Conversely, for unhappy workers:

  • Only 32% of unhappy workers feel engaged at work
  • 70% see their role as a job rather than a career
  • People who don’t feel that they have a sense of purpose are much less happy than those who do

Interestingly, there are a few main reasons that increase happiness levels at work. These are:

  • Generous employers
  • Working with a close friend or relative
  • Having freedom within the scope of your role
  • Having an employer who trusts you

So what can individuals do to increase happiness levels at work?

  • Try starting the day with a positive mindset
  • Allow yourself work breaks to increase motivation and energy
  • Set yourself goals so you feel you have achieved at work
  • Try not to sweat the small stuff

Clearly, the message for businesses is to provide employees with the trust to reach their KPI’s with flexibility and freedom in their role.

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