The role of AI in recruitment

The role of AI in recruitment

Many businesses (and Recruitment agencies) are using generative Ai to optimise recruitment processes. AI can potentially play a big role enabling recruitment to be more data-driven, effective and efficient. In LinkedIn’s Future of Recruiting 2023 report, 68% of hirers said they were “very hopeful” or “cautiously optimistic” about the impact of AI on recruitment. Top recruitment outcomes that hiring professionals hope to see from Generative AI include:

  • 74% said they would like to see automation of repetitive tasks to prioritise more strategic work
  • 67% said they would like AI to make it faster/easier to source candidates
  • 59% said they want AI to make it faster/easier to engage candidates.

Here are some of the different ways that AI can enhance standard recruitment processes:

Streamlining the Screening Process

AI algorithms can analyse hundreds of candidate resumes quickly, identifying the qualified candidates based on keyword searches on applications.  This is a process that can take recruiters multiple hours. One of the downsides of shifting this part of the recruitment process to AI is running the risk of non optimised resumes missing out on potential opportunities.

Candidate Matching

AI tools can analyse a candidate’s skills, experience and qualifications and match them to job requirements in a more consistent way than humans can. This is a more accurate candidate-organisational fit, reducing the likelihood of mismatched new hires.

Reducing Bias

There’s a range of unconscious bias that takes place during the hiring process. It might be as simple as excluding candidates based on age, nationality, name, religion or ethnicity.  AI has the ability to reduce bias but only if these attributes are not included during screening processes.

Predictive Analysis

AI can predict a candidate’s future potential for success by looking at their past performance, skills and other relevant data. This enables employers to make better and more informed hiring decisions.  

Chatbots for Candidate Screening

In the initial screening processes, Chatbots can undertake a number of tasks such as scheduling interviews, answering candidate questions and assessing qualifications and experience. This will reduce timeframes and the impact on the overall recruitment team.

It’s crucial that AI is used responsibly. Part of this process is implementing parameters on how to use it ethically. Every business should have a policy on AI Governance, including best practice. Microsoft has an Advisory Committee and from an ethical perspective, states that its use should:

  • Be fair and inclusive in its assertions.
  • Be accountable for its decisions.
  • Not discriminate or hinder different races, disabilities, or backgrounds.

We’d love to hear from any businesses that are implementing AI into their hiring processes.