How can you best display your personality in the recruitment process?

No matter what kind of job you are applying for, your personality and characteristics are an important factor that can separate you from other candidates. 

While aspects like gaining experience and upskilling are important for successful professional recruitment, it is just as vital to reflect on your positive characteristics and what they can bring to a workplace.

Here are some key considerations to make that will help leverage your personality in your job application.

What are the most desirable workplace traits?

While many claim that a certain list of characteristics will see you through any workplace, the reality is a lot more complicated. Whether your personality will suit a particular environment will depend on the culture and values of the organisation you are looking to work for.

Workplace culture is becoming one of the most discussed aspects in an interview.

According to the University of Graz, this is fast becoming the most discussed topic in an interview. Culture is all about encompassing the beliefs, values, assumptions and structure of the company. 

Just as important is to ensure that the organisation is a good fit for you. If an environment isn't contingent with your own approach to work, you'll most likely find yourself unsatisfied in the long term. 

Leveraging your team skills

In order to reach a successful outcome in most businesses, you will be required to work as a team. In a recent blog post, re:Work stated there are five essential components that underpin effective groups; the ability to be vulnerable, dependability, clarity, meaning of work and impact of work.

Leveraging your traits can help bring success to a team.Leveraging your traits can help bring success to a team.

Using this framework is a good way to highlight the unique aspects of your character in a way that is purposeful and has specific applications to the role you are applying for. It's all well and good to say you are a team player, but the way you respond in a team to see success is what employers will really be looking for. 

Are you a born leader?

If you are looking for a more senior role, then you'll need to brush up on your management skills. In this aspect, favourable traits are a lot easier to define as the factors that makes a good leader, especially when tackling global markets.

According to a joint survey from University of North Carolina and the Human Capital Institute, multicultural sensitivity and awareness, communication skills and strategic thinking were the most common traits named as essential elements for handling global markets.

When you consider that 60 per cent of businesses stated they urgently need to become more global-ready, leveraging these particular aspects may be the ticket to a new opportunity to take the lead.