Understanding your USP is the secret to getting the job you want

Understanding your USP is the secret to getting the job you want

There are some lucky people who don’t have any problems securing interviews for prized jobs with those *bulletproof* companies you want to have on your resume. These are the people that manage to land amazing jobs working at Apple, Google or an exciting start-up business. How do they do it? What are their secrets? Understanding how you as an employee add value to a potential employer (your Unique Selling Point or USP) is a key strategy to nailing your dream job.  Here are some other strategies we recommend following to get you the job you want.

Understand what you really want
The recruitment process can be taxing. Many people focus on ‘getting a job’ if they are out of work rather than determine what their next career move should be. One way to look at this is to think about why you work (aside from a salary). It makes sense that what you value and want out of life should be reflected in the job you do. In terms of best understanding your motivation and interest, The Muse.com segments people into 4 different groups:

• Community-centred professionals who build relationships with others;
• Human-centred people who develop experiences for individuals;
• Structure-driven workers who look at the integration of different systems and processes; or
• Knowledge-driven individuals who interpret data to better understand people, patterns or applications

Take a Targeted Approach
Successful job seekers don’t apply for every job that they are qualified for. They take a very targeted approach to which roles and companies they really want (and they won’t accept just any job). Think like a high performer and consider who you know that might be useful contacts in your job search. LinkedIn is a great place to start as you can quickly understand where your contacts are working and which companies might represent a good opportunity for you and where you can add value (your unique selling point or ‘USP’). Likewise, finding a ‘side door’ entrance into a business through someone you know rather than applying directly can be really beneficial.

Determine your Unique Selling Point (USP)
The job search process is largely about determining what you bring to the table and finding the best way to communicate that to employers. What value can you add to an employer that is significantly different to other people? Just as products and services have a unique selling point (USP) used to position them effectively against competitors, so too do candidates. The most effective USP’s are in areas of growth and/or are difficult to find. Finding and marketing your USP effectively can go a long way to securing your dream job.
Try speaking with your contacts about where there are skills gaps in the market and how they might align with any strengths you might have. The process of ‘pitching’ to prospects involves getting comfortable with communicating your strengths to potential employers succinctly and powerfully.

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