Where to start when looking for work in the New Year

Where to start when looking for work in the New Year

Historically, the New Year is often a time when individuals consider moving roles or re-thinking their career direction.  It’s a time of reflection, self awareness and new beginnings.  When you overlay the effect of a global pandemic and significant job losses and underemployment, things get more complicated.

For those individuals who are employed, many might bypass the process of searching for a new role, grateful to be employed.  For those people who are currently unemployed, the landscape has changed significantly over recent months.  Depending on the industry and the direct or indirect impacts of COVID, you could be facing increased competition or a reduction in advertised roles or the entire industry might be facing a downturn.  Given this situation, what where do you start when looking for work in the New Year?

  1. Gain some clarity on what you’re looking for

Regardless of your situation, it’s important that you’re focused on the right role to ensure that you’re set up for long term success.  While you’re at it, consider reflecting on some of your wins and successes.  Some things to consider are:

• Have you experienced success? Which type of role will build on this?
• What projects and industries should you be exposed to?
• What level of responsibility are you wanting?
• Which social channels represent your work achievements? Are these up to date?
• Is your Resume an accurate reflection of your work experience?

  • Determine how you can best add value to future employers

What’s your story?  What are the drivers and passions that have resulted in your current state?  What do you enjoy?  What are you good at?  Answering these questions will help you define your career story and a personal statement that explains the value  that you can add to potential employers (known as the ‘Unique Selling Point’).

3.  Ensure your Resume accurately reflects where you’re at

Your Resume needs not only to be up-to-date, it also needs to tell your story accurately.  If you are looking for a specific role or work within a particular industry, ensure that this is ‘dialled up’ in your Resume.  It’s also important to look at your Resume objectively and ensure that it follows best practice guidelines.

4.  Get connected

Utilise online sites such as LinkedIn to connect (and re-connect) with individuals that can assist you in your job search.  Always first think about what you can offer others, as it is with that process that your connections are strengthened. 

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