What do HR Consultants do?

While many Managers wait until they hit a wall and really need some advice before calling upon a specialist, there are many benefits that organisations can reap by taking a proactive approach to their HR Management rather than just reacting to issues when they arise.

Many Managers will wait until they hit a wall and really need some advice before calling upon a specialist.

Why do Managers use HR Consultants?

There are three reasons that Managers reach out to HR Consultants. Generally, it will be in response to an ongoing or unforeseen people-related issue, such as a lawsuit, workplace bullying or redundancy issues. Other common reasons include looking for strategies and techniques to improve the performance of an organisation, such as leadership training or rewards programmes, as well as devising long-term schemes around restructuring, staff development and succession planning.

While the latter two are pertinent to proactive HR strategies, it is far more common for Managers to come knocking when they know something isn't quite right.

Reactive HR Consulting

It's actually very much like going to see a medical consultant. Many of us don't go to the doctor because we want to be healthier.  More often than not, it is because of an ache or an inkling that something is wrong that is beyond your level of expertise. Your GP will work first as a problem solver, checking your health indicators to figure out where the issues are centred and asking lots of questions to fully understand your situation. Next, they will work with you as a strategist to figure out the best plan for treatment, and often will require follow-up consultations to address how well the treatment is working or if the problem is persisting.

An HR consultant knows how to diagnose and treat your people problems.An HR Consultant knows how to diagnose and treat your people problems.

Much of the time, an HR Consultant will do the same thing. A Manager will arrive with an issue; the Consultant will work with them to properly understand the problem and the company's culture; then they will figure out a solution within the budget.

Proactive HR Consulting

On the other hand, many small-business owners are looking to grow their operations and enhance their staff's capabilities. They are more likely to get in touch with an HR Consultant to design and implement an improved human capital management strategy, prior to an issue arising.

With staff engagement being an area of priority in many organisations, it is important to be proactive about your people. Getting professional help from an experienced HR Consultancy like Flexi Personnel could provide you with the insight your business needs to get the most out its workforce.